Tomatoes and Onions

We grow our own tomato plants from seeds. The seeds are sown right after Christmas.

The seedlings are pampered for three weeks in the 'nursery" that we have created especially for them.  Then they are moved and transplanted into our green house where they will remain for about a month. At that time, hopefully the soil temperature will be warm enough for them to be planted.

Then, if  Mother Nature will provide plenty of sunshine, these tomatoes will be well on their way. Our tomatoes are available as PRE-PICKED ONLY and sold by the pound, and again, depending on mother nature, pre picked Tomatoes and Onions are usually available from early June through early July.

Sweet, yellow and red onions have been a popular addition and pairs perfectly with our homegrown tomatoes. Onions are Pre-picked Only and are sold by the pound. 

Tomatoes $2/lb (available pre-picked only)
Onions  $1/lb   (available pre-picked only)

For PYO picking conditions or Pre-picked availability call 931-389-6470
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