Valley Home Farm Blueberries and Blackberries


Blueberry season here at Valley Home Farm starts in June !  We planted five early, delicious varieties that will be ready for picking around June 1st, if not before. Pre-picked blueberries are sold by the gallon, half-gallon and quarts.  Pick-your-own are sold by the pound

For the serious blueberry picker, we offer the use of special belted buckets, which are worn around the waist and it leaves both hands free for quicker picking. 


Valley Home Farm Blackberry season is short but sweet. From late June-early July , enjoy three varieties of blackberries. Tasty and thorn-less, very picker friendly.  Pick-your-own sold by the pound, containers are always provided. Pre-picked are available in gallons, half gallons and quarts.

Just a friendly reminder – if you are planning to pick your own berries, kindly arrive at least one hour before closing. Thank you

Blueberries….Pre-picked gallon - $22.50 pre-picked half gallons
 $11.25 pre-picked quarts $6.00 or Pick-your-own $2.75/lb.

Blackberries….Pre-picked gallons - $16.00 pre-picked half gallons
$8.00 pre-picked quarts $4.50  or Pick-your-own $2.75/lb

For PYO picking conditions or Pre-picked availability call 931-389-6470
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