Historic Valley Home Farm is a 350 acre, 5 generation family farm currently owned by the Potts family. The farm is located in the rolling hills of beautiful southern Middle Tennessee and is bordered on the south and east by the Garrison Fork of the Duck River.

Before the Potts family, there were other families who loved the land and home known as Valley Home Farm. We would like to acknowledge those families’ time in the farm’s history and express appreciation for the contributions they made to the place we all call home…the place that our family loves and enjoys every single day.

The Cleveland Family (1814-1908)

The house was built by the Jeremiah Cleveland family in 1835 in the Greek revival style of architecture. At the time of construction, the farm consisted of 1431 acres. Mr. Cleveland named his beloved estate Valley Home. Pictured above (center) is the builder, Jeremiah Cleveland, Jr., his son, Thomas Stone Cleveland, and his daughter-in-law, Annie Elizabeth Wright Cleveland.

The Walker Family (1908-1918)

The Dement Family (1918-1938)

Also of local historical significance, Valley Home was owned by the Albert M. Dement family in the early 1900’s. Mr. Dement was foundation breeder of Tennessee Walking Horses such as Merry Legs, Last Chance, Neil and many other fine horses who stood on the farm at Valley Home. Last Chance is pictured above with Albert M. Dement and James R. Brantley, a friend and fellow foundation breeder to Tennessee Walking Horses.

The Haynes Family (1938-1942)

The Moore Family & Adcock Family (related by marriage) (1942-1958)

The R.K. Potts Family (1958-1985)

R.K. and Nellie Potts purchased Valley Home Farm in 1958 from Bernie H. Moore, former commissioner of the southeastern Football Conference and L.S.U. football coach. By that time, land sales by previous owners had reduced the 1431 acre farm to about 300 acres when purchased by R.K. Potts. Son, Lowell Potts and wife Martha bought a home with an adjoining tract of original Valley Home land and added it back to the farm in 1968. This put the farm back at 350 acres which still remains intact today. The main farmhouse, Valley Home, was occupied by R.K. and Nellie Potts until the mid-1980’s when R.K (Pa K) passed away and Nellie (Granny Potts) decided to move to an apartment in downtown Wartrace.

The Potts-Edwards Family (1990-2015)
A few years later, in 1990, Larry and Nancy Potts Edwards (granddaughter) moved into the The Ol’ Big House (a term of endearment used by family and friends), which they had spent two years restoring and furnishing with antiques. At that time, Valley Home was placed on the National Register of Historic Places for its architectural significance. And since then, the house has been featured on HG-TV’s “Our Place”.
The restoration was a labor of love for Larry and Nancy; they both adored the old home and enjoyed living there until the days of their passing: Larry on Feb 24,  1998 and Nancy on June 23, 2015.

The Bobby Potts Family (September 2015 – present)
A family decision was made that (grandson) Bobby and wife, Janet (Wright) Potts, would move into the Ol’ Big House to be its caretakers. Leaving the home they had built on the farm in 2006, made it possible for Bobby’s nephew and family to move back to the farm in November 2015.

( Note: Janet, whose maiden name was Wright, plans to trace her ancestry to see if she is by chance related to Annie Elizabeth (Wright) Cleveland, photo shown on title page.)

Bobby began farming the land at Valley Home when he was 14 years old with his grandfather, R.K. At that time, the farming operation consisted of traditional row crops (corn, soybeans, etc.) along with livestock and hay production.

Today the farm has been diversified into a 3 acre patch of Pick Your Own Strawberries and a seasonal farm store that has value added products.   The farm is open to the public from late April through early June . Valley home has remained a productive family farm which is sometimes difficult in today’s changing agricultural environment.

Also, representing the third generation of the Potts family living on the farm, is (granddaughter) Linda Potts Williams married to Dan and (granddaughter) Vickie Potts Pyrdum, married to the late Billy Pyrdum. After each couple married, they built a home on the farm. All have recently retired from their chosen professions and are now enjoying their time working on the farm.

 (The sisters are the bakers of Valley Home Farm’s famous strawberry cakes and award winning strawberry jam.)

We are fortunate to have many members of the Potts’ fourth and fifth generations living here as well; some of them work on the farm full time in a separate family-run business (Potts Processing on our link page) and also assist us with our farmwork when needed. At last count, 19 out of the 22 members of the Potts Family are living all in a row on a half mile stretch of Potts Road. The others don’t live far away…We see them regularly. To have such a large, close-knit family is not all that common these days…We understand very well that we are truly blessed.

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